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The characteristics of the fireproof door core plate production equipment
Editors:Sen You Yi  Time:2013-3-30

  The characteristics of the fireproof door core: the production equipment is designed according to the characteristics of the material itself, the concept of all directions is designed, and the international advanced technology is introduced, and the performance, function and quality of the equipment are completely reformed and upgraded. This achievement is unique in China. The equipment has the characteristics of high scientific and technological content, good matching, stable performance, excellent quality, strong professionalism, high production efficiency, Yi Weihu, saving production cost and safety.

  Some advantages of fireproof door core board equipment:
1. single class is not less than 2000.
2. the same operation workers, time saving directly leads to 5 times more efficiency.
3., we will completely upgrade the current workshop mode to pure mechanical intelligence.
4. the passing rate is very high, which greatly reduces the production cost.
5. the same weight product has lighter weight than ordinary products, but its strength is much higher than that of ordinary products.

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