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"Perlite fire door core board" is an excellent thermal insulation refractory
Editors:Sen You Yi  Time:2017-12-21

  According to the development of domestic technology in the past 3 years, most of the more than 600 fire door enterprises in China have handled product type approval. The core filled materials used in the fire prevention door core are mainly expanded perlite board, Magnesium Oxide perlite board, flame-retardant cloth perlite board, foam cement fireproof board and fire resistance. Plasterboard and so on. Many fire door enterprises have built their own FireBoard production lines. In the domestic large scale fire door manufacturer type approval inspection report (excerpt from the Ministry of public security's fire product qualification evaluation center), it clearly indicates the use of perlite fire prevention board. Only a few fireproof door manufacturers in China have used traditional ceramic fiber fireproof door core board, but because of the national standard, all the perlite fireproof door core boards are also used.

  The fire door core plate of expanded perlite is a fireproof door core filled material made of expanded perlite, pre embedded skeleton and applied adhesive as binder and made by pressure action.