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What are the main differences between fire doors and security doors
Editors:Sen You Yi  Time:2018-1-4

  The difference between the fire door and the anti-theft door is that the main function of the anti-theft door is the better anti prying sealing performance. The door is not open after the door is closed, and the packing in the door is not fireproof material. The security door must have a "FAM" sign and refer to the general technical requirements of the anti-theft safety door. Although the fire door is also made of steel, the door panel is filled with fireproof material, and the thickness of door steel plate also has different requirements. Steel door is ordinary steel door, he also has some burglar prevention function, but the anti prying performance is poor, the general Street processing factory is this kind.

  At present, only Shanghai and Chengdu have local standards for fireproof and burglary doors, other places are usually called fire door doors, that is, the standard of the national fire protection class A or the second class fireproof door, (filled fireproof door core or rock wool material) grade a standard is generally divided by the time of anti combustion. At the same time, in the following several aspects to achieve the requirements of anti prying:

1. the door frame is 2 thick, and the thickness of the front and rear sides of the door leaf is 0.8.

2. lock has the function of anti prying, that is, the lock body has a slanting lock tongue, and a square lock tongue can be spit out, but no earth lock is permitted.

3. lock and cat eye must have fire detection report, grade B fire prevention door can be fitted with door collar, class A is not allowed.

4. when accepting the inspection, the merchant shall provide the fire protection type approval certificate, the fire protection test report and the metal entry door inspection report. Fire detection report on lock and cat's eye.