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The fireproof door core is a fireproof filling material made of aluminum silicate fiber material
Editors:Sen You Yi  Time:2018-1-4

  Fire prevention door core plate is a new generation of fire filling material, with the characteristics of non flammable, fireproof and fire resistant, good heat insulation, water immersion, environmental protection, light quality and sound insulation. Before the development and use of the technology, a lot of "aluminum silicate fiber material" is used in the fire door products. Because of the production and use of aluminum silicate products, the fiber will be produced, which will cause damage to the health of the human body. Therefore, the state has been trying to find alternative products of environmental protection. The foam door core board is tested by the national fire protection building material quality inspection center, and its performance index is superior to the traditional fireproof material (aluminum silicate and rock wool).

  Instead of traditional fireproofing materials, it has unique advantages, but at the same time, there are also pressing problems to be solved. The density of traditional products is generally above 1.0g/cm3, which is larger than water. Some hair products, such as magnesite, require good strength, and the density is even more than 1.75g/cm3, and the products are heavy. The traditional way to reduce density is to increase the amount of light fillers in cement, such as adding sawdust and perlite.

  Although this method can work to a certain extent, the negative effects can not be ignored.
1, increase the probability of product back halogen.
2, increase the water absorption rate of products and affect their service life.
3, increase the deformation of the products, especially the plate.

  In view of the above problems, since 2006, the research on the use of foam instead of light filler has been made, and considerable progress has been made, and the products with a bulk density of only 200kg/cm3 have been successfully produced. Practice has proved that foaming cement has outstanding advantages, both economically and technically. At present, the foamed cement has been applied in the fireproof board, light partition wall and other products, and in some products (fireproof door core etc.), it has the key effect on the success or failure.