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Core technology of Magnesium Sulfate fireproof door core
Editors:Sen You Yi  Time:2018-4-10

  As long as we have advanced equipment, professional production technology, advanced technology combined at home and abroad, it brings good effect, and can make the core technology of its fireproof door core to be the best.

Part 1: raw material procurement, basic requirements and performance testing.

1 Magnesium Oxide quality standard and activity test Essentials
2 test experiment on quality requirement and effective content of magnesium chloride
3 glass fabric quality requirements and determination of alkali content
Performance and use principle of 4 GX-V series of magnesite blending agent
5 principles and precautions for the selection of common inorganic filler
6 principles and precautions for common organic filling materials
7 selection and use of magnesite functional materials (mainly the latest foaming technology).
8 the list of qualified suppliers and contact notes: the experimental part is on-site operation.

The second part: dynamic proportioning and formulation of production formula.

1 theoretical basis of dynamic ratio
2 mathematical model of dynamic proportioning
3 application examples of dynamic proportioning
4 formulating the production formula according to the actual conditions
Calibration and revision of 5 compound color tile production formula

The third part: detailed explanation of production process and foaming process.

1 compound color tile die and the selection of demoulding agent
2 selection and use of production tools and machinery
Process modification in the production of 3 foamed door core
4 slurry preparation principle and detailed process flow solution
The foaming process and precautions of 5 foamed door core
6 product demoulding and later maintenance technology requirements note: part of the production process on-site operation.

The fourth part: post processing and performance testing

1 product repair, cutting and post processing
2 common problems of fireproof door core --- halogen, frost, collapse and poor strength.
Detection methods and remedies of 3 product moisture absorption and back halogen
4 performance and treatment of magnesite pan frosting
Physical strength test of 5 products (compression and folding)
6 test note of water resistance (softening coefficient) of the product: the experiment part starts operation at the scene.

  Magnesium Sulfate fireproof door core this product is low cost, increased the safety performance of the door category, a very wide range of uses, features are very good, it is your good choice.