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Magnesite fireproof door core is a very stable fire door material
Editors:Sen You Yi  Time:2018-4-13

  Magnesite fireproof door core is a material used to make fireproof doors. Its performance is very stable and is one of the reasons used for fireproof door material. It has the characteristics of fire protection and heat insulation, and it has strong thermal insulation performance. It has no difference between practical and other styles. It is very practical and should be used in the present society. Environmental protection, magnesite fireproof door core board has been achieved, so what advantages does magnesite fireproof door core have in use? Today, let's talk about the advantages of magnesite fire door panel. Do you know anything about it?

  1, air hardness: MAGNESITE fireproof door core is different from ordinary portland cement in setting and curing mechanism. It is air hardening cementitious material and does not harden in water.

  2, multi components: Magnesia fireproof door core is a multi component, single component light burn powder and water hardened basically no strength. Its main components are light burned powder and magnesium oxychloride, and other components include water, modifier and filler.

  3, high strength: Magnesia fireproof door core after adding modification, the compressive strength can reach 60MPa, and the flexural strength can reach 9MPa.

  4, air stability and weather resistance: MAGNESITE fireproof door core is pneumatic cementitious material, only in the air can continue to solidify and harden, which makes it have good air stability.

  5, low corrosion degree and low corrosion: the pH value of the slurry filtrate of the magnesite fireproof door plate fluctuates between 8~9.5, it is close to neutral, and the corrosion of glass fiber and wood fiber is very small.

  Through these characteristics, it is not difficult to understand the reason that the magnesite fireproof door core can be the fire door, the fire door with magnesia fireproof door core in safety is very reliable, but in the daily life also need to pay attention to the safety of a lot of use of electric fire, when you go out, remember to pull out all the power plugs in the home. Far door to remember to cut off the power supply, after the use of the kitchen to see whether natural gas has been closed, gas stove has been tightened, many accidents are due to ordinary negligence, so a lot of careful treatment of small details.