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Where can Magnesium Sulfate fireproof door core be used
Editors:Sen You Yi  Time:2018-4-18

  Complex technology can always make better products, with the improvement of the consumer's eye, the quality of the product also has better requirements, Magnesium Sulfate fireproof door core is in such a big environment, let us know about the performance and use of Magnesium Sulfate fireproof door core.

1, the fire protection reaches A1 level, which belongs to the non flammability grade. The refractory limit of the color steel sandwich panel of 50mm reaches 1 hours.

2, tobacco smoke AQ2 class, belongs to environmental protection products, in case of fire will not produce harmful gases such as tobacco smoke.

3, good fire resistance, cement foam organic collection into a honeycomb mechanism, effective waterproof, moistureproof.

4. The plank and strip have good evenness, 250KG/m3 density, good evenness after making color steel sandwich panels, strong cohesive force between steel plate and core, high overall strength, high bending resistance and good sound insulation effect.

5, environmental protection, when workers are making and opening holes on the spot will not cause itch.

6. The size is stable and the production efficiency is high. It not only satisfies the size of manual panels, but also can be directly used in machine boards.

Application of Magnesium Sulfate fireproof door core:

1, drying room board, cold storeboard, active board room: sulphur and oxygen magnesium cement products, thermal conductivity of 0.06, the physical properties of the product in high temperature or low temperature state, aging better, can long maintain the long-term overall stability of the color steel sandwich board, active board room can be used circularly.

2, fireproof roof system: not only maintains the flexibility and overall strength of the traditional EPS board, but also is a fireproof a, good moistureproof function, can meet the basic requirements of the fireproof roof color steel sandwich panel.

3. The partition wall and ceiling in the field of moisture-proof.

4. A partition with a sound insulation and a ceiling.

  With the gradual progress of the factory technology, the advantages of the Magnesium Sulfate fireproof door core will be more prominent, and the scope of use will gradually expand, and under the current national environment of energy conservation and environmental protection, it is believed that the production of the Magnesium Sulfate fireproof door core will also move forward in this direction.