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How does the magnesite fireproof door core have such a strong fire resistance
Editors:Sen You Yi  Time:2018-4-18

  The basic function of magnesite fireproof door core is fire prevention, which is also one of its main selling points. How does the magnesite fireproof door core have such a strong fireproof performance? First of all, we need to know what is magnesite fireproof door core.

  The foamed fireproof door core, as the filling material of the fire door, plays a major role in the fire resistance and heat insulation performance of the fire door, so the fireproof door core is the key project for the inspection and acceptance of the fire door. Because the door core board of the traditional fireproof door is not healthy, the State Quality Inspection Administration and the State Standard Committee issued the national standard of GB/T12955-2008 fire door. The standard stipulates that the fire door filling material should be non toxic and harmless fire insulation material to the human body, and it has been tested to GB8624 by the national accredited inspection agency. -2005 prescribed combustion performance A1 level requirements and GB/T20285-2006 prescribed smoke toxicity risk classification ZA2 level requirements.

Functional features of products

1, bulk density is low, magnesite foamed door core weight is generally between 200~350, which can completely meet the requirements of various fire doors for filling materials.

2, fire resistance is good, magnesite foam door core board is non combustible material grade A1, non combustible, fireproof, moisture-proof and corrosion resistant.

3, high strength, heat insulation, sound absorption and good insulation, the compressive strength of the inorganic foamed door core is more than 0.4MPa, and the flexural strength is more than 0.25MPa, which fully meets the requirements of the use.

4, low moisture content: the water content of inorganic foaming door core board is less than 13%, which meets the standard requirements.

5, low cost, inorganic foaming door core plate raw material source is wide, production process is simple, comprehensive cost is low.

6, energy saving and environmental protection, non-toxic and tasteless, no radioactive, inorganic foaming door core board flue gas toxicity classification AQ1 grade, the production process is innocuous and harmless, does not harm the human health.

7, construction is convenient, cutting, planing, sawing and carving.

  The foamed fireproof door core is mainly used for wood fire door, steel fire door, anti-theft door, guard door, door, and craftwork. The product is the most lightweight sheet at present. It can completely replace wood building and decorative material. So it is widely used in high-rise residential, hotel, office building and commercial shopping center. The laboratory, the factory, the active room, the hospital, the railway station, the fireproof door of the household house, the partition wall for the special inner lining of the purification board, the ideal decorative material for the fireproof and waterproof of the partition and the ceiling.

  The use range of magnesite fireproof door core board is very wide, it can be used as fireproof door, anti-theft door, door door, indoor door and other products. In all kinds of buildings, we can see the magnesite fireproof door core board.