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Main function features of Guangzhou Sen you yi fireproof door core
Editors:Sen You Yi  Time:2018-4-24

  Good fire resistance and fire resistance of >1580 C can ensure that the refractory properties of the filling materials are stable under long-term high temperature.

  It has strong moisture resistance and will not be deformed for a long time. It is especially suitable for damp heat climate in the south.

  As the most advanced biosoluble fiber products are used in the world, the fiber can produce less dust in the process of construction, and the fiber can be dissolved in human body (solubility more than 200mg/L). It can be eliminated in vitro by human metabolism in a short time, and it has no toxic effect on the human body; at the same time, it can be in the ring. Natural degradation in the environment is environmentally friendly and accords with the development trend of fiber materials.

  It is completely different from aluminum silicate fiber into the human body and can cause permanent damage to human body. It fully conforms to the requirements of the inner core filling material prescribed by the new national standard (fire door), which is "non-toxic, harmless, safe and environmental protection", thus providing a new choice for the selection of high quality and practical inner core filling materials for the fireproof door manufacturers.

  The size is large, and it can be customized according to the size of the customer's fire door. The module is installed without any patchwork, and the installation is fast and convenient.

  It is suitable for all kinds of steel door core filling.

  It has excellent mechanical properties and can be machined and cut at will.

  The volume density of fiberboard is 230kg-320kg/m3.

  The sound insulation effect is excellent. The dense, non porous porous microstructure has good damping effect on sound wave transmission, thus effectively absorbing noise.

  There is no toxic gas and no smoke diffusion at normal temperature and high temperature.

  Automation line production, stable quality, uniform volume density and thickness, long-term use without deformation.