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What field of construction can Magnesium Sulfate fireproof door core be used in
Editors:Sen You Yi  Time:2018-5-2

  Magnesium Sulfate fire retardant magnesium core board is a new type of production material for fire doors. It has the characteristics of high heat insulation, moisture resistance, high temperature resistance and aging resistance. It is mainly used in the following architectural fields:

  One. bake room board, cold storage board, active board room.

  The thermal conductivity of the Magnesium Sulfate fire door core plate is very low. Its physical property is aging at high temperature or low temperature. It can keep the long-term stability of the color steel sandwich board for a long time, and the movable plate room can be used in a cycle.

  Two. Fire roof system.

  It not only keeps the flexibility and overall strength of the traditional EPS board, but also has good moistureproof function, which can meet the basic requirements of the fireproof roof color steel sandwich panel.

  Three. The partition wall and ceiling in the field of moisture-proof.

  Four. A partition with a sound insulation and a ceiling.

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