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The key points in the production of fireproof door core should be paid attention to
Editors:Sen You Yi  Time:2018-5-3

  Fireproof door core board can be insulated, fire resistant in a certain time, usually set in the fire room and other places, can also be used for all kinds of door filling material. fireproof door core plate manufacturer introduction:

  First, the proportion of materials. When producing the fireproof door core, the materials used should be proportionally added, and the ratio should be adjusted at any time.

  Second. Production process. The door core board of the fireproof door core manufacturer has their own production process, and the production process can be controlled well to ensure the quality of production.

  Third. Filling material. In general, when producing fireproof door core, it is necessary to add additives or filling materials, so as to improve the performance of the door core board, but not the wrong proportion.

  When the fireproof door core is selected, the expanded perlite material should be selected as the main material, so the production of the core board can meet the requirements of the construction. Under the analysis of the fireproof door core manufacturer, the problems that should be paid attention to in the construction of the fireproof door core.

  First, the decorative surface is the coating, the slit should be treated according to the requirements, anchorage screw bolts should be less than 0.2 millimeters of the decorative surface, the surface should be all shave putty, smooth and smooth grinding.

  Second, the fireproof door core manufacturers suggest that you choose the light steel skeleton, the skeleton of the lattice size can not be too large, the door core plate in the joint part should be keel, and reserve about 3 millimeters of clearance.

  Third, the seam of the fireproof door core should be kept up to 3 millimeter to 5 millimeter seam. When the seams are seams, the putty should fill up the seam, cover the crack, and fill the screw with the putty.

  When we produce the fireproof door core, we should pay attention to the above three links to ensure the quality of production. We are the fireproof door core plate manufacturers, the production of the door core plate environmental protection, heat insulation, construction convenience, welcome to negotiate and cooperate.