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Main raw materials of Magnesium Sulfate fireproof door core
Editors:Sen You Yi  Time:2018-5-7

  The Magnesium Sulfate fireproof door core plate is made of expanded perlite as the main raw material, mixed with a certain proportion of inorganic high viscosity agent and chemical additive, and processed through a complete set of processes. Since the expanded perlite is a natural perlite ore, the structure is hollow and honeycomb shaped pellet form, which is expanded instantaneously over 1300 degrees centigrade. Therefore, the fireproof door core is a natural green and environmental ideal product.

  The different specifications of the fire and light quality door core products developed by Magnesium Sulfate fireproof door core board manufacturers are suitable for all building fireproof door core materials. All products have light, high strength, fire resistance, water resistance, sound insulation, beautiful, environmental protection, easy construction, and good two processing properties, especially compared with similar products. Halogen-free, no corrosion of metal materials, overcoming many defects of the domestic inorganic magnesia fireproof door core sheet, and obtaining a number of national invention patents, well received by senior industry personages and high quality customers at home and abroad.

  Magnesium Sulfate fireproof door core board is generally used in the following four aspects:

  First, the fire roof system not only maintains the flexibility and overall strength of the traditional EPS board, but also has a good moistureproof function, which can meet the basic requirements of the color steel sandwich panels of the fireproof roof.

  Two, the drying room board, the cold storage board and the active board room, the thermal conductivity of the Magnesium Sulfate fireproof door core plate is very low, its physical property is under the condition of high temperature or low temperature. It can endure the aging for a long time, and it can keep the long-term stability of the color steel sandwich board for a long time, and the movable plate room can be used circularly.

  Three A partition with a sound insulation and a ceiling.

  Four The partition wall and ceiling in the field of moisture-proof.