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The magnesium oxysulfide fireproof door core has good elasticity and sound insulation effect
Editors:Sen You Yi  Time:2018-5-7

  MgO core board is good to carry out a good feature of the decoration, the performance of the product itself is better, and good fire performance, in the use of fire doors can have a good effect, in the cold winter has a thermal insulation, special sudden outburst, sound insulation is also good.

  The magnesium oxychloride fireproof door core is a color steel sandwich panel made of magnesium oxychloride slab or magnesium oxychloride hollow plate composite color coated steel sheet. MgO MgO core board fully plays the unique properties of MgO composite material. It has remarkable advantages and advantages in fire, moisture, anti degumming, high strength, heat insulation, heat insulation, sound absorption and so on. Production process: magnesium oxysulphide fireproof door core is a factory that combines magnesium oxychloride plate and color coated steel sheet by automatic equipment. Once formed, the bond strength is strong.

Product advantages:

1, good fire resistance
2, the advantages of heat insulation and heat insulation are outstanding
3, waterproof, moistureproof
4, the bond strength of the core material and the plate is strong
5, the effect of sound insulation is remarkable
6, high strength
7, green environmental protection

The unique properties of MgO core plate:

  1, excellent fire resistance: the production process of MgO core plate, raw material (non combustible A1 grade), formula and combination way, so that it has good fireproof performance. The test shows that it has more than 1200. The fire resistance of C. The thickness of 50mm thick magnesium oxychloride sandwich steel plate is more than 1H, and the 75mm thick plate fire resistance time is more than 2H. The refractory time of 100mm thick plate is more than 3H. The MgO core has passed the test of the national fire building material quality supervision and inspection center, and the MgO core board meets the requirements of the fire protection standard GB8624-2006, GB/T20285-2006 and GB/T5464-2010.

  2, thermal insulation performance: the thermal insulation performance of the MgO core plate is based on the thermal conductivity of MgO =0.055W/M2K, and calculated by the corresponding proportion of the thickness of the MgO core material.

  3, waterproof, moistureproof characteristics highlight the water absorption of magnesium sulphur core plate less than 0.8%, after water absorption of the MgO core board has a certain water permeability, no irregular deformation, but also will not produce chemical reaction, with a strong stability.

  4, the core board and color coated steel plate has high adhesion (no degumming phenomenon). The MgO core of MgO is connected with plate type and color coated steel plate. It has a good independent bonding property, which can solve the phenomenon of degumming in the current market with the form of the whole plate and the steel plate.

  5, sound insulation properties, magnesium oxysulfide core itself has certain elasticity, air tight solid material, so it has good sound insulation effect.

  6, high strength, product parameter upper / lower steel plate thickness 0.4--0.8mm color coated steel plate. Core material: the bulk density of MgO is 220--280kg/m3. The thickness is 50mm--200mm. Open mouth type effective width: 1150mm, the length is not limited. Panel protection form: covering PVC protection film.

  The stamina in the use of MgO is very good, according to the customer's requirements to make a good custom, with independent bonding, can highlight is very good, will not cause unprovoked and irregular deformation, can meet the requirements of customers, on a certain basis, a better performance upgrade.