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Why can magnesium oxychloride play the role of fire prevention
Editors:Sen You Yi  Time:2018-5-11

  Magnesium oxychloride has a very wide range of uses, can be used as a good fire-proof agent, its fire resistance is relatively high, below to explain why magnesium chloride can play the role of fire protection.

  1, magnesium oxychloride has a strong water absorption, can form a water wet film, a moist film will be isolated from the air, naturally can play a fire prevention effect.

  2. The fire retardant agent of magnesium oxychloride has changed the ionization characteristic of the surface of the inflammable material, and makes it not easy to oxidize, and without the constant accumulation of heat, it is a good fire protection function.

  3, once the flame reaches a certain temperature, magnesium oxychloride can rapidly decompose and release chlorine gas, so as to achieve the function of rapid fire suppression.

  The fire extinguishing method of magnesium oxychloride is as far as possible to remove the container from the fire to the open space. Do not direct the flow of water directly to the molten metal so as not to cause serious fire or severe splash. Fire extinguishing agents are foggy water, dry powder, foam, carbon dioxide and sand.

  The fire caused by power distribution cabinet decay, line aging, equipment short circuit and improper operation of electrical equipment is the most common cause in enterprises. The main reason is that the power protection equipment does not play a good protective role, and can not effectively protect the equipment and control the source of the fire caused by the electrical short circuit. The common metal power distribution cabinet is easy to short circuit the root of the fire after the electrical equipment is aging. The poor sealing facilities will also make the internal ash of the power supply cabinet, and some corrosion gases, such as water, cause the internal components to accelerate aging. Non metal waterproof, dust-proof, fire and corrosion prevention distribution boxes play a good role in protecting the wiring and electrical equipment.