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Production process, material and use of fireproof door core
Editors:Sen You Yi  Time:2018-5-28

  Fireproof Door Core is used as the expansion perlite, Magnesium Sulfate or magnesium oxychloride as raw material, after a whole process of processing, when it reaches a certain temperature, there will be expansion, fireproof door core manufacturers explain the production process of fire door core board, welcome attention.

  Step 1: before the fireproof door core is produced, it needs to be selected first, now it is the selected perlite, Magnesium Sulfate or magnesium oxychloride to make the main material, and the suitable material is chosen as the skeleton to make the production.

  Second step: when the material is selected, the mixture can be pressurized and the selected binder is stirred in perlite, Magnesium Sulfate or magnesium oxychloride and then pressurized.

  The third step: after finishing, the film can be produced. The fireproof door core manufacturers suggest that you choose natural drying, so that the production of fireproof door core is better.

  Fire door core plate is still more environmentally friendly material, but also the choice of replacing wood board, its thermal conductivity is low, the scope of application is wide, next to understand the material and use of fireproof door core, welcome to check.

  Material: different fireproof door core board, its material is different, like perlite material, is to use expanded perlite as the main material, Magnesium Oxide is made of inorganic refractory material as the main material, the introduction of foaming agent, through vacuum filtration process processing.

  Fireproof door core board can be widely used as firewalls, partition walls, ceiling, floor and exterior wall plates, and can also be used as filling materials for many kinds of doors, and it is a decorative material for many kinds of buildings.

  The above share is about the material and use of the fireproof door core, I believe that we have a further understanding of it, our company's main fireproof door core, if there is a need, welcome to buy, look forward to the cooperation with you.

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