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Foaming Agent
Foaming Agent

    It is used for foaming agent of polyvinyl chloride and other synthetic plastics and natural synthetic rubber. The average particle size is small, and the distribution is narrow, the foams are thin and uniform, and the foaming rate is high. The products are evenly dispersed in plastics, and the products have good handle. The decomposition products are colorless, non-toxic, odorless and non polluting; the decomposition is quite slow; the shrinkage of the products is small and the tear strength is large. It is suitable for the closed foamed plastic and sponge rubber, such as sports shoes, rubber cloth and so on.


    It is widely used in demanding higher plastic products, such as high-density EVA PE shoes, NBR+PVC thermal insulation materials, auto parts, etc. It is especially suitable for the hot press foam of EVA and the free mode foaming of rubber and plastic. It is commonly used in the MD granulation injection of EVA, the molding foaming of PE, the molding, extrusion and coating of PVC, as well as the molding foam of rubber and rubber, the extrusion of rubber and the molding foaming.

Packaging And Storage

    It has good storage stability at normal temperature. Store in a cool, dry place away from fire sources, sparks and heat sources. In case of fire, please use water spray, carbon dioxide or chemical powder to extinguish the fire and not to extinguish it artificially.