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Thermal Insulation Door Core Board
Thermal Insulation Door Core Board

    Fireproof door core board is a new generation of non flammable fire protection products, mainly natural magnesium oxychloride or Magnesium Sulfate inorganic environmental protection materials, through the mechanical flow operation compounded, can be cut, can be planed, saw, can be carved. Through the polishing and paving treatment, the surface is smooth. It is suitable for the roof, decoration, partition, insulation, insulation, fireproof door lining, fireproof separation, and special lining board for purification board. It has the characteristics of non flammable, non explosive, water resistant, oil resistant, chemical resistant, non-toxic and high mechanical strength.


1、Natural environmental protection, nontoxic and tasteless, no radioactivity.
2、Non flammable, fireproof, waterproof, corrosion resistant.
3、The construction is convenient, light weight, heat insulation, sound absorption and good heat preservation.
4、Tangent, planing, sawing, and carving.
5、Conform to the national standard GB8624-2006A1 grade non combustible standard, light weight, high strength, no aging, corrosion resistance.
6、Through national standard GB/T20285-2006 AQ1, safety first class environmental protection products.

  Flexural Strength   ≥8(MPa)   Fire Fesistance Limit   1-2 hours
  Compressive Strength   0.35-0.8(MPa)   Combustible Temperature  1200(°C)
  Thermal Conductivity   ≤0.028W/(m.k)   Sound Absorption   0.03-0.8
  Water Content   ≤10 (%)   Dampness   ≤0.25(%)

    The thermal insulation fireproof door core board is mainly used for filling materials for wooden fire doors, steel fire doors, burglar proof doors, prying doors, doors and doors.


    The product has been inspected by the China Fire quality supervision and inspection center according to the GB8624-2006A1 "classification method of combustion performance of building materials" and "classification of toxic risk classification for material production of materials" by GB/T20285-2006AQ1.


2000 x 900 x (10~65) mm, can also be designed according to customer requirements.