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Fireproof Glue
Fireproof Glue

Fireproof glue

Low VolatilityFor electronics and Precision Industry

Fire Fesistance LimitExcellent bonding properties to substrate

Corrosion ResistanceExcellent water resistance, chemical medium, oil resistance

Wide ApplicabilityTemperature tolerance up to 120°C


      This product is a single component of neutral structural adhesive, unique formula technology added a variety of special additives, mixed with high temperature resistant to 1250 C inorganic structural adhesives, with fire retardant and flame retardant special efficiency, anti displacement, high strength permanent bonding effect is remarkable. The combustion performance reached A1 grade; the toxicity of the material produced to the safety grade (ZA2); non flammable, non-toxic and tasteless, it was a good environment-friendly fireproof door adhesive. It really realized the non polluting, tasteless and green fireproof glue. It was the first choice for making wooden doors, steel doors and anti-theft doors.

      Bonding aluminum silicate cotton, rock wool, perlite fireproof board, vermiculite fireproof board, metal, ceramic and other materials, steel plate and cement base material, brick, glazed tile, metal wood, polyurethane, epoxy and some polyester, and so on; good wear resistance, high tear strength; spray plastic heating no film strength; can be coated with a variety of water, can cover a variety of water, can cover a variety of waterability, Solvent based, rubber based coatings.


1、By spraying, brushing or dipping, the contaminated surfaces may need special degreasing or removal of any soluble contaminants before that.
2、Where possible, they are assembled to the correct distribution of binder and maximum activation in a few seconds on the relatively moving surface.
3、Allow accelerated time to reduce to good ventilation and evaporation until the surface is completely dry (about 15 to 30 seconds).


1、The product is stored in a cool, dry, unopened container, and the information stored can be marked on the outer package of the products.
2、Materials removed from the container may be contaminated during use. Do not return products to the original container.